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The devil wears it, and so do I! I’m not one that loves popular designers, the more understated or niche, the better!
Think Givenchy, Escada, Brunello Cucinelli, Stefano Ricci, Lanvin, Proenza Schouler … you get the gist. But with Prada, I don’t feel that way. Although Prada is a popular designer house, it’s never tawdry.

Miuccia knows her stuff! This polka dot Prada dress was gifted to me by a lady friend. Bless her soul on insisting I have it because at first I wasn’t sure. What was I thinking! I love everything about this dress. It’s feminine, silky soft, va-va-voom! You name it! Polka dots are feminine, come in different varieties (large, medium, small) and they all convey such different looks. The key with polka dots, just as with many other patterns is to keep the rest of your outfit minimalistic and subtle. Don’t be wearing no striped shoes or metallic pink. And don’t be matchy-matchy, either. Polka dots shoes and dress is just too much! Let your dots shine, especially if it’s a big part of your outfit, such as your dress. How do you feel about polka dots? Do you have at least one item of clothing that’s all dotted up?
Prada, Prada, Prada!

Dress – Prada Similar Here (was the closest I could find to it)

Shoes – Valentino

Bag – Mezzi

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