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New Year's Eve. The evening where many of us pledge to do things differently (starting the next day), the evening where some of us wonder who are we going to kiss at midnight, the evening where we fret and wonder about what to wear. Also, the evening where I come to your rescue on the latter.

I am certain that I have done it all on New Year's Eve. I've gone to the fancy parties, house parties, intimate posh parties, party of two along with a bottle of champagne and silk pyjamas, party of two and passed out way before midnight ... you get the gist. But no matter which party I was in, I always made an effort to look "New Year's Eve" appropriate.

For some of us, shopping for a new dress can be an unpleasant and expensive experience therefore you'd rather shop for one or two things to dress up your 'little black dress,' which I hope you already have in your closet, because every woman should have a little black dress.

Nothing speaks more than a nice piece of bling when you have a simple dress. Think a choker, gold, or an abundance of faux diamonds! A statement ring or a faux fur stole would just be the crème de la crème of your outfit.

Here are some pieces to help you bedazzle your outfit:
Statement Ribbon Necklace - similar here
Brooch Shoes - Ted Baker
Satin Rose Black Shoes - similar here
Earrings - in case you missed my red dress article, I talk about how I split these earrings in half
White Faux Fur Stole - similar here

What are some favourite go-to pieces when you want to spice up your outfit?

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