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Hello, my lovelies. Happiest of years to all of you that take the time to scroll through my blog and support me on different Social Media platforms. I wanted to write this article because I want to start the year by spreading my love, the love I have for myself and all the people that I have chosen to be in my life. As someone that does not make NY resolutions (because every day resolutions are so much better and easier to achieve), I think if anyone could make one resolution at all, it would be self-love.

I am fortunate to have grown up in an environment where words such as 'I love you' 'you are the best' and 'you can be anything you want to' were daily affirmations, and they felt like the most normal thing to say and hear. And, guess what, they are normal! Here's the thing, it is so easy for us to give compliments, so easy to tell a friend "Gosh, look at you, you're a catch, of course you deserve the best.” Yet saying these words to ourselves is so difficult, because society has made us to believe that they are considered "modest and vain." And that is supposed to be bad. Why is that? Are you not friends with yourself? Are you enemies with yourself? Why not look in the mirror and tell yourself "Dang, you look fine!" Would you ever tell a friend "Gosh, you look hideous today!" No, no you wouldn't, so why is it ok to say that to yourself?

I believe that our brain is programmed by the thoughts we think and the words we tell ourselves, if we don't compliment ourselves, we will be uncomfortable when someone compliments us, because we are not used to those words. That's not what we feed our brain. There is a fine line between self-love and narcissism, narcissism is a personality disorder which makes one believe that they are so great, in any way possible, that no one else is ever good enough for them. Having standards, thinking highly of yourself, being less critical and more praising will benefit you and the way you think of you.

As the great saying goes; If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. It's as easy as that. Your thoughts become your reality. Give yourself compliments, avoid being critical, tell yourself 'I'm a catch' and do not be shy of saying it out loud. You would never hesitate to tell a loved one how great they look, well, yourself should definitely be part of that list so show it all the love you can and treat it as if it were your best friend.

And with all that in mind, I trust you will do much more of that this year! Love yourself fiercely!



  1. This is exactly the post I needed to read today! Thank you. It is honest and direct!

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