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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore! That is how I felt about this dress, amore at first sight! To be honest I had no intentions on shooting this dress, I asked my love to take a few photos while on our way to dinner, with the intention of having one photo for my Instagram page, showcasing the greatness of this dress for the little price I paid. But unlike most times, a few too many photos turned out good so I thought that blogging about it was meant to be. Next time he asks me if I want any detail shots, I will not respond with “Nah, I just need a good one for my insta!” HAHA!

I purchased this dress without even trying it on, I walked into Zara still sweaty after my fitness class and with 10 minutes to spare before closing I didn’t feel like trying it on at the store. But I knew it would fit, it’s one of those dresses that describes my style to a T so I knew I had to have it! I paired it with my leather jacket that I’ve had for over a decade and rarely wear. Very unlike my usual style, I would have preferred a cropped tweed jacket or one of my long coats, but seeing as my own closet was nowhere near by, I grabbed the only jacket I had available (well, it was between this or my winter puffer jacket) and it actually looked much better than I expected. Edgier than I like my style to be, but the kind of edgy that I can get used to. During this quick photo shoot, one of the heels of my Valentino pumps broke! See, this is why I scout Consignment Shops, I don’t feel that sad about the heel breaking when I paid 70% off the retail price (They still had the $920.00 Nordstrom price tag attached and they cost me only $275.00). I’ve gallivanted with them and walked on cobble stone streets for miles, they had a good run.

I love that I can wear this dress to dinner, a fancy cocktail party or even the office! It can be a day or night look. The dress is very classy and the slit goes just high enough to add extra pizzazz without losing its sophistication, while the pearl earrings and bracelet make it extra ladylike. I had to go home and change my shoes, but with a dress like that, no one was looking at the shoes, anyway ;)

Dress - Zara
Pumps - Valentino, buy similar here
Bag - Le Dix Tote by Balenciaga, buy similar here
Sunglasses - Emporio Armani

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