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Happy almost Valentine’s Day, my loves! Tell me, what are you doing tomorrow night? Please share with me, I love reading lovey dovey stuff. Personally, I’m not one that does anything too special on Valentine’s. As cheesy as it might sound, I do the best I can and put all my effort (and this is definitely a dual effort) to live every day as if it were Valentine’s day. I am beyond grateful I have someone that never keeps my flower vase empty, everyday, not only on Valentine’s. I enjoy cooking nice meals, we both like going on dates at nice places and concocting titillating cocktails on any random day, so, there’s never a need to look forward to Valentine’s day for romance.

This year, I decided to make something very simple yet Valentine fitting. We are having our friends (a dear couple we share the same anniversary with, but the rest of this story will come another day) over for dinner on the eve before Valentine’s, and we already tried and tested the cocktails last night and loved ‘em, and decided to make as pre dinner libations.

Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Rose Lemonade or Rose Soda
Rose Petals

That is it! It does not matter which one you pour first or how much of each. But I must say that if you wish for it to be more rosy, in colour and flavour, then fill up half the glass with lemonade and the rest with prosecco, it will just be a bit less strong that way. Top it off with some dried rose petals and voila. Enjoy! Side notes – make sure you buy extra dry prosecco, the rose soda is sweet enough. I purchased the rose lemonade along with rose petals at Whole Foods. Not all of the WF have rose petals, but if you live in Vancouver, many middle-eastern-type grocery stores carry it in the spice section. Rose anything will do, as long as it is sparkling. Even rose kombucha!

Whether you stay in or go out, make this cocktail and enjoy it! happy Valentine’s Day and may every day be filled with love.


Fab to the Z!


  1. Virginia says:

    It looks so beautiful on the tray too! I love the way you sprinkled the rose petals into a heart!

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