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If you follow me on Social Media, you are probably aware that I was currently in California, well, Palm Desert, specifically, but we did go to some nearby places. This was my seventh time in California and third time in the Coachella Valley. I am so in love with Palm Desert and the surrounding area. As someone that loves modernism, coming back to Palm Desert is always something I look forward to.

Cactus plants everywhere, my favourite artist, Shag, has a store in Palm Springs. I love all the Happy Hours on El Paseo and the Mid Century Modern homes all throughout the valley. I chose my outfits for this trip very carefully, I like dressing up wherever I go, and that doesn’t necessarily mean heels and a dress, everyday. Although I wore plenty of that. Here are some of my favourite outfits from my Cali trip.

I wore this JCrew strappy dress to Sunnylands, which, by the way, why have I never visited this place before? It is absolutely breathtaking. All the yellow flowers, trees and never-ending cactus plants. It was a bloggers dream, to say the least. The Moschino head scarf is from a consignment shop and the white and gold Bruno Magli flats are from Value Village! $8.99 beats the $400 some dollar price!

This fabulous retro printed dress is from The Gap! You read that right! I purchased it over four years ago and although their smallest size fits big on me sometimes, I bought it and had it taken in because I knew its potential. I paired it with these beautiful white Chanel Pumps that I purchased for less than half the price from The Real Real. I decided to wear while out for dinner and then cocktails at The Ritz Carlton in Rancho Mirage. Now, if I can give them any advice, is that if you will charge upwards of $19 for a cocktail, there best be a real cherry in it, a maraschino cherry just won’t do! Alas, the views from its terrace were fabulous. But, come on, Ritz, get it together and use real cherries!

As I mentioned, Happy Hours re always fantastic in the desert, we decided to go to Sullivan’s on El Paseo. I've always enjoyed the live piano playing by the bar. This dress from Black Halo is such a stunner. It is the best material, ever. It is thick and stretchy (and a little bit satiny) from the waist down, and the top half is similar to sweatpants fabric. Many people assume it’s a skirt and top. I kept the bottoms simple with my favourite summer sandals, Stuart Weitzman Nudist-Song sandals which I purchased from Forever Red Soles. Yes, you guessed it right, another Consignment Store. The best thing about this evening was the two beautiful girls you see in the photo. They were walking by and asked if they could be in the photo with me. Their parents were excited about it and I definitely loved the idea. Gives me an idea what my future PTA meetings would look like! HAHA!

LA requires effortless outfits and killer one piece swimsuits. I wore my new favourite Zara shorts while gallivanting around Venice and Santa Monica beach. This vintage Emanuel Ungaro Scarf was purchased from one of my usual go-to Consignment Stores in Vancouver, Turnabout, and this bathing suit from Peixoto covers less than half my butt and fits so perfectly, that it was totally worth the $172 price tag! I am also obsessed with these white Pertini shoes. They are like sneakers, but fancier. Just the way I like it.

Ah, this White Jumpsuit from Massimo Dutti is what dreams are made of. It is everything I’ve looked for. All. My. Life! It is exquisite and wearing it makes me feel as if I'm in the South of France waiting to sail my boat and host a fancy cocktail party. With all this being said, it gets wrinkly! REALLY wrinkly! Right on your crotch! To demonstrate this I have included a completely unedited version of the first photo below, all the way down on my blog. By unedited I mean that I did not take the wrinkles out using Facetune. But wait! It does not end there, it also loses its shape within a couple hours of wear. If the wrinkling does not bother you, I would suggest you buy one size smaller and strut your stuff! Because truly, style wise, it is the crème de la crème of all Summer Jumpsuits. On a side note, how about that tan, though! I have 0 makeup on my face (aside from blush) because my makeup was too white only after three days in the sun! #OliveSkinProblems!

On our drive back, among stopping at many different quaint and eclectic cafes, we saw an abandoned train cabin on some old train tracks. So, of course we take the first exit we see and make a stop, I quickly pull a dress out of my suitcase and trade my comfy clothes for this LBD from Zara, put on my brand new Manolos which I had delivered to my address in Cali (another score from The Real Real) and try to improvise some red lipstick using three different colours! And VOILA! We did a little photoshoot! That’s the thing about trips and blogging, you never know where there will be an old, abandoned something-something worth taking pictures on!

Aside from all this, I lived in my bathing suit and did a whole lotta dog walkin' with the two ladies (Kaydee & Heidi) and Rambo, running, and hiking!'
So about this jumpsuit, you see what I mean? I've always said 'buy clothes that look good on you, not only good in photos.' This is a perfect example of it. Although it looks really nice on me and I received plenty of compliments wearing it, I did not feel amazing in it, due to the aforementioned. And I refuse to feel less than absolutely fabulous in anything that I put on.

Mwuah! Until next time … which most likely it will be me writing my blog from Europe!


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