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Hello my lovelies, I apologize for being a bit MIA as of the last couple weeks but I’ve been travelling and making a whole lot of new memories to share with you all in the upcoming weeks.

Daniel and I decided to be tourists in our birth countries. We started off with Poland and now we’re in Albania, currently writing this blog from a restaurant with a beautiful view of the Ionian sea, while eating a ‘to live for’ traditional orange cake. I wanted to place the focus of this blog post on keeping your skin and overall health at peak when travelling, because we all know how many germs there are on airplanes and with the weather changes and different water, one can get sick with the snap of a finger! So, instead of cutting back on wine, desserts and other zit inducing aphrodisiacs, load up on the below.
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I try to work out as much as I can while travelling. Whether it's dropping 100 squats, a few push-ups and holding a plank in my hotel room, or going for a run, anything counts! You're eating and drinking more than usual while travelling, so keeping active is a must. Remember, a 15 minute workout is better than no workout! Yes, you walk a lot while travelling, but that ain't keeping my body toned, so I try to dedicate a little bit of time to that.

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Aside from physical activity, I have been religiously obsessed with taking all my vitamins lately, especially the good oils such as evening primrose, borage, sea algae a good travel probiotic and vitamin C. All of these are great, but what I rely the most on is water. It is one thing that I drink like there’s no tomorrow. All day, everyday. Which is funny because at home I’m hit or miss with water, some days I’m diligent with drinking it, other days I’m just the epitome of dehydration, but when travelling, I'm seriously the water queen. It really helps with the bloating that comes from all the vino glasses that go oh so well with the fromage and pasta platter. #carbloading!

Keeping hydrated on this trip was especially easy while in Albania because of the many water streams running down the mountain. You could find them everywhere, while driving on the highway or a city road, so one can stop by and fill their bottle! Speaking of bottles, I, of course, need to have a bottle that represents me and my style and this Alkaline Water Bottle from Copper H2O hits the spot! The perfect rose gold colour of this bottle has Fabiola written all over it!
I love this bottle not only because it's a good lookin' piece of metal, but because it is naturally self sterilizing, anti bacterial and copper is well known for building a strong immune system with its anti viral and anti inflammatory properties. Hello! Who wants to get sick while travelling! I have better things to do, such as eat copious amounts of traditional food and drink Turkish coffee while people watching on the bustling streets of Tirana. On top of that, it checks all the boxes that are important to me, it is sustainable and ethically made by local artisans in India. No mass producing here! I’m no doctor, but I believe that if you follow these rules you’ll eliminate your chances of getting sick by more than half!

What are some ways you try to keep healthy while travelling? please do not tell me "I try to watch what I eat and how many glasses of wine I have." Overall, it's 12:00 o'clock somewhere!

Stay hydrated, my friends!

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