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Hi babes, I told you I'd be writing more on my blog, didn't I?! So here I am sharing with you a beautiful white summer dress I picked up recently. Although the temperature is cloudy and about 15 degrees outside and I am on my bed and under the blanket while writing this blog post, no bad weather will stop me from wearing pretty summer dresses, especially when it makes me feel like the epitome of a lady.

I purchased this beauty at Banana Republic and it was 40% off, saying 'NO' to it would be a crime and any modification from the original price is literally my excuse for buying anything. I would usually not edge up a feminine and simple dress like this by adding a leather belt, but it fit loose on the waistline and I like my dresses perfectly fit in this area.

This is the kind of dress a princess or duchess would wear, I can definitely see Kate Middleton rocking this dress and it would be sold out everywhere after the fact ... like anything else that she puts on. I love her! I felt like a lady in this dress and pairing it with my white DSquared sandals and Kenneth Cole floral baguette (which is actually a makeup bag) amped up its ladylike appeal and toned down the edginess the belt gave. I felt like slow dancing with my honey while wearing it, hence all my poses with my arms up in the air. HA! Now that I found my perfect white summer dress, I'm on the lookout for a floral dress and I've yet to find one that has WOWED me, until then click on the links below to shop this fabulous look.

Dress - Banana Republic
Sandals - DSquared
Sunglasses - Prada
Floral Baguette - Kenneth Cole


  1. Dealman says:

    Such a beautiful dress. lovely hairstyle.

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