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I am woman, hear me roar. Ok, you get my point. I am in my thirties and I feel as woman as I ever have, and so does my lingerie. I am so excited to share my thoughts on this with you because I feel that many of us might not be aware of our many choices of beautifully crafted lace pieces from the land of champagne and pizza. Errrr, ok, that last part does not sound as sexy, but you get the gist, I’d rather have my lingerie made in France and Italy than mass produced in China by little children and overworked women! I want to write this next part because I don’t want to offend anyone (Ugh, like there is such thing), you can shop wherever you want to, Forever21, Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, The Dollar Store … anywhere you like and your wallet can afford, this is simply a blog post to give you a few other options and for you to know that there are other lingerie brands within the same price range, better quality fabrics and ethically made, it isn't intended to put down anyone's taste. So, with that out of the way ...

It was only last year that I really started thinking about my lingerie and how it makes me feel. Your bra & panties are the first thing you put on every morning after that buttery soft moisturizer, so they might as well feel soft and luxurious. I recently discovered some fabulous lingerie brands that you can find at Nordstrom or buy online, and it won’t cost you the price of Bordelle or Agent Provocateur. Now, enough with the typing and on with the list.

Cosabella is my go to and the lilac set in these photos is from them, their goodies are made in Italy and its styles are European chic, classy and have plenty of lace detail. For something a bit more casual, there’s always Hanky Panky, their products are made in the United States and their skin-like panties are fabulous and about the same price of Victoria’s Secret. The red bottoms in the flatlay photo are from their 'After Midnight' line, which is exquisite. Along with the navy undies I am wearing with my pink Love Ophelia robe. Hanky Panky underwear are best if you're looking for that second-skin-like feeling and seeming perfect even in the tightest of outfits

Blackbird Underpinnings is a lingerie line based in San Francisco and they make some killer lounge wear. I am such a fan of beautiful lounge wear. Nothing makes your morning coffee taste better than a tasteful robe wrapping your body. If you want to be really ethical and set your carbon footprint back a few steps, then Fortnight Lingerie is based in Toronto, Canada. They have a bit of a heftier price than the rest I am mentioning, but you are keeping the money within the country and supporting Canadian workers, so, take that in consideration. Chantelle is French made lingerie and it is absolutely affordable for French Lingerie. You can find Chantelle at many department stores and mid range lingerie stores. One of my other favourites is Dutch Company LingaDore, which is where I bought the teal set in the photos is from. And if all else fails, Intimissimi is here to save the day. Overall, they are the Italian Victoria's Secret *wink* except with much better products.

I trust that I’ve been of assistance when it comes to the prettiest little things that you put on every day. What are some other lingerie brands you love?

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  1. I am no fan of Victoria’s Secret, and I agree with you 100% about preferring beautifully made lingerie from France and Italy. Chantelle is a wonderful brand. Your recommendations are terrific. I’m going to check out Intimissi (Unfortunately, your blog keeps scrolling randomly so it’s hard to go back and look for details I want to make not of. Not sure why.)

  2. Samantha says:

    I haven’t shopped at Victoria Secret’s in a long time because they don’t care my size in stores (and I prefer to try bras on first). I’ll definitely have to check out the places you mentioned because these pieces are so pretty!

  3. I don’t believe I have ever been a fan of victorias secret.. unless it was their perfumes back when I was a teenager. I usually order offline because I’m plus size and I love international styles .. america usually doesn’t have the style I like (that i’ve came across) nice review! I’ll def check out the links!

  4. Eva says:

    Great brands! And I find that I feel so much more confident when I am wearing undergarments that make me feel good. I have never bought VS (my mom always insisted on buying high quality things – it used to irk me but now I’m so grateful!) and think it’s great that more people are turning to higher quality brands. We deserve it!

  5. Emely Roman says:

    I never really liked VS. It makes me feel ten times more self-conscious than I already am.

  6. Heather Brummett says:

    I love the purple!!! Thanks for sharing these alternative options. I love beautiful underwear and the way the perfect set can make you feel!!!

  7. This post reminds me that I need to start treating myself more often! I can’t remember the last time I bought myself some nice lingerie – it was at least a year and a half ago for sure! I’m going to get myself something nice and not feel guilty about it!

  8. Debby says:

    I have mindlessly bought Victoria Secrets for many years. I have never heard of any of these brands but may look into them now. Thanks for the post.

  9. Amy Dong says:

    Victoria’s Secret reminds me of college days with my roomies going shopping at the mall 🙂 Funny. These days, I just want good quality, comfortable, no-show/no-lines. Stuff that looks good under tanks/tees and running pants 🙂

  10. I agree with you about VS. I will check out your recommendations. I am in dire need for an update.


  11. Liza Perry says:

    Beautiful pics and … reality! As a parisian, I can’t tell Victoria’s Secret is not a brand that French girls buy. We do prefer a little expensive lingerie yet with great quality!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I totally agree with breaking up with Victoria’s Secret. I did this many years ago and I haven’t looked back.

  13. k says:

    A thousand times yes!! I loved VS when I was younger, but as I got older I started to value comfort and FEELING good over what I got from VS. I shop now mostly at SOMA intimates where I can get affordable under garments that look sexy and FEEL great!

  14. Elizabeth O says:

    I have tried many brand of products like this. This sounds interesting. I will check this one.

  15. Cia Black says:

    So glad I came across this. I’m not a fan of VS, I think it’s overpriced for the quality. But google search don’t really help much either and when I ask my friends about or brands during girl talk they all recommend VS as well. well in there face, cause my honey is gonna have something so much better see. Thanks for sharing these other avenues and I can’t wait to make my first purchases with them.

  16. I never quite understood the draw of Victoria’s Secret. Everything is overpriced, nothing is made for the average skinny woman, and the panties are no more luxurious than any other place I have bought from. I’d rather buy from somewhere more affordable and get more bang for the buck. Besides, my husband likes me no matter what I wear. And looks forward to the part of me not wearing anything at all. So what’s the point? No one but him or I sees them, and he doesn’t care.

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