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You know what I don’t love about the summer? Summer style! It is effortless. And I don’t mean it in a good way, I mean effortless as is not many people actually make an effort. Dresses and flip flops! No thank you! BUT, one should always focus on the positive side of things, so let’s start over. You know what I love about summer? Summer picnics! And you know what goes reeeeaaaallllyyyy well with summer picnics? Movie in the Park type-o-picnics!

I do not know if where you live there are ‘Movie in the Park’ nights during summer, in Vancouver they are a weekly staple. What’s not to like (and do not tell me Dirty Dancing because that movie can play every night and I will go watch it) you get classic movies, picnics, under the blankie cuddles, sunsets, Baby & Johnny! Ahhhh, it’s warm evenings on steroids, (insert emoji with hearts as eyes).

What got me so excited this year was knowing that Foodora allows me to order food from my blanket. Don’t get me wrong, I love bringing snacks and prepping a picnic, but sometimes you just wanna order food and not have to worry about carrying everything, etc. In this case I mixed the two, ordered our meals from Foodora and brought enough prosecco and local beers to make friends with! Like, hello! Foodora delivers right to your blanket, and if you don’t feel like paying a small delivery fee, then they have participating food trucks right in the park, where you can order ahead and skip the line.

This Club Monaco dress was love at first sight. The hat is also from Club Monaco. I've only had it for 24 hours and worn it with every single outfit in the last 24 hours. I am obsessed with it. It had one of those colourful pom poms (see linked photo) around it that you see all over Instagram, but if you read my blog you are probably aware that I am not much into trends. If I were into trends, then I'd have rosé rather than prosecco because apparently since Instagram started, rosé sales have doubled from the oh-so-basic #roséallday hashtags and cliche captions. So, no rosé all day and no colourful pom poms! Keep it simple, loves, it will always be in style

What are some of your favourite classic movies?

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