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Hola, beauties! I am so excited to be sharing details about this outfit with you all. This suit is currently my favourite piece in my closet and it will be one of those clothing items that I will have forever, even if the jacket is slightly ‘80’s working girl,' it is still elegant. I am SO in love with it!

A bit of a story about it, I found the suit at a thrift shop, and I’m not talkin’ cool vintage shop, I found it at a second hand store (more like third hand) called Wildlife Thrift Store. I remember walking by it and seeing the suit on display on a mannequin, which happened to have very similar body proportions to mine. I immediately think to myself “If there isn’t a pin pinching those pants and jacket in the back, I gotta get this suit!" You know how sometimes shops will pin an item of clothing so it fits perfectly on the mannequin. Low and behold, there are no pins. Although it was in a thrift shop, the suit was in such immaculate condition, made in Canada, by a Canadian designer and so well maintained that I automatically assumed it would cost a couple hundred dollars. When the sales associate told me “It’s $23” I shockingly asked “Like, the jacket only or which piece?” … “No, the whole suit, as well as a skirt, it comes with pants AND a pencil skirt!” I ask she removes it off the mannequin, don’t even try it on, and just buy it! Needless to say, it fit me as if it was sewn on me. Heck! It cost me more to dry clean it,alas it is worth every penny and I would have happily paid much more for it! This colour is gorgeous for fall, it matches the leaves and it's a breath of fresh air on gloomy days. You can wear the pieces separately or all together without it looking like you’re suffocating in a sea of yellow.

As mentioned above, the double breasted, oversize jackets are in this season, although style wise they aren’t an absolute favourite of mine, I like my clothes a bit more tapered and fitted, this works because when you fully button up the jacket it still accentuates your figure and the whole look is eloquent and elegant enough to wear for years to come. I’ve linked some similar style suits below, perhaps not for the same price, but hey, sometimes you just gotta be at the right place, at the right time.

What are some fall favourites on your list?

Checked Pantsuit
Yellow Pantsuit
Custom Fit Pantsuit. This website is a favourite, they make beautiful suits made to measure.
Valentino Rockstud Heels - Similar here
Balenciaga Le Dix Bag there are over 20 designs of this bag, so I've linked them all. Also, similar here


  1. Hunter S. Jones says:

    You had me at $23! Love the look. You really rock it. Thanks for sharing your secrets!

  2. Florence says:

    You look great! Love the fact it is a second hand stuff. Go you!

  3. Ithfifi says:

    This outfit looks simply beautiful on you! I couldn’t agree more about the fit either, it looks like it was literally tailored for your shape! I would never, ever, ever have come to the assumption you got this outfit for $23, that’s incredible! Also.. those shoes are killer, especially with this outfit!

  4. Nicole V says:

    You got a GREAT deal! That suit is awesome! It looks really good with those shoes too!

  5. Dee Hudson says:

    Love, love, love… a classic suit is always on point! The fact that you found such a great piece in your size is very impressive… #shoppinggoals

  6. OMG! Those shoes! Yes – I hit thrift stores, too. My favorite is the Waterfront Mission next door to me. It’s walking distance and all the proceeds benefit the local homeless in the area. They help them find jobs, if they are capable of work, and homes. My favorite clothes are always inexpensive.

  7. Deb B. says:

    These photos are beautiful. I am in LUUUUURVE with that suit! Wow! I can’t believe how affordable!!

  8. Tiffany Yong says:

    I heard of thrift shops but there isn’t many in Singapore. I bet that thrill of getting a nice outfit at a good deal is fantastic because I had that once or twice when I’m overseas~

  9. Only $23??? Shut up! This outfit looks like it costs way more. It’s so chic. Those shoes are amazing and they really make the outfit look awesome.

  10. Liza Perry says:

    23$???!!!! The colors are amazing and so seasonal and omg on pics its just amazing! The clothes textures are pretty cool for a 23$ one! You look amazing and totally put the best accessorizes !

  11. cant believe only 23 dollars. You look fabulous. Totally own this look

  12. Bea says:

    OMG! It does suit you PERFECTLY!! And what 23$? This is the best deal of the season! You look fab in it – no doubt!

  13. What a perfect look for stepping into Fall!! I love the color, the style and the cut! This is a power suit if I’ve ever seen one – oh and that vest – love it!

  14. Nicole Flint says:

    Wow! $23!!! That’s amazing and it’s such a fun and cute suit! Great steal.

  15. Amy Dong says:

    That’s a total steal for such a cute suit! The colors and cut are absolutely fantastic. Looks like you spent way more than that.

  16. Elizabeth O says:

    Your outfit really fits on you and cheaper than others. I like it, it looks so classy.

  17. Anna says:

    $23 and you got me like wow! Love the look.. Suits you so well! Thanks for sharing your secrets!

  18. Preet says:

    The yellow pantsuit is absolutely stunning, love your whole look. The pictures look so amazing, you look perfect 🙂

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