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I love tweed so much, that one time many years ago, I was at the mall trying to find a gift for a friend, when I spotted a blush coloured tweed dress at a store I had never even heard of, Suzy Shier. I immediately walk into the store only to find out that XXL was the only size left. Figures, considering it was on sale for $9.99! I loved the dress so much, I bought the five-sizes-too-big dress, got it taken in, and eight years later I still have it! I receive compliments on it each time I wear it and I have spent more money on dry cleaning it than what its original cost was. It is gorgeous and I plan to have it for as long as it fits me (which will be forrrreverrr, hehe) in other words, unless someone steals it or I lose it (that would devastate me) I am never giving it to anyone and it will never go out of style. This story is damn true. Now that you know how much I love tweed, let me tell you about this beauty of a tweed skirt-suit I found

This Zara skirt-suit is so ladylike and beautiful, I especially love the jacket and know I will be wearing that far more than the skirt, and leave the suit for those occasions where I feel like I wanna mimic Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, haha! No, I kid, it has a bit of that vibe but when paired with the right shoes and coat, it is ab-fab and ultra feminine! I paired it up with this beautiful loose fit coat I purchased at Top Shop, and Chanel Shoes I purchased from The Real Real. And because tweed has that vintage French girl feel and look to it, I felt pairing it up with my multi pearl earrings and cat-eye sunglasses, would give it that perfect timeless look. And that hat! THAT HAT! I spotted the hat on the window display of a vintage boutique while driving around a small town on my last work trip. I knew it was meant to be in my closet! So I pulled over and made it mine! Top is from Oak & Fort, although I purchased it from Mine & Yours, a local designer resale store which occupies more than half of my closet.. I love its sleeves, they are exaggerated enough to give the top a different look, but not too much to overwhelm the outfit.

My favourite part about this suit is its beautiful buttons, I love all the jewels, it dresses up the fabric even more and gives it an extra feminine touch. You can dress up a pair of denim pants with the jacket and wear the skirt with uncomplicated flats for a more easygoing look. The other best thing about tweed for me, is that it brings out the real me in photos, the "non blogger" me, so much that I forgot about the typical "pretending to cross the street pose" to capture the outfit, haha. Smiles were coming out and just my typical self, even when pretending to buy fruits at the market, (ROFL).

Do you have any tweed pieces you love? If so, how do you like styling 'em? Am I the only one that is obsessively in love with tweed or do you all love it as much? So many questions! I look forward to all your answers. kisses.

All photos from Philosophic Photography


  1. Nausheen says:

    Good attire & lovely background destinations !!
    Nice clicks.

  2. Jagriti Roy says:

    I have not heard pretty much about those tweed dresses but after seeing all your pictures I feeling crazy to try some tweed dress soon. You are looking stylish in all of your pictures..

  3. Kelly says:

    Love this look! I love how British it looks with the hat and camel coat!

  4. I love tweed so much, especially for the cooler months. I really like how you dressed it up!

  5. Taslyn Russell says:

    I just love tweed it just looks so classy, also your love how the whole outfit pairs with the coat.

  6. Ithfifi says:

    You look so beautiful in your tweed! Tweed isn’t something I own and I just don’t know if I could pull it off. I also love that you liked the dress you got it anyway, thats happened to me so many times before so in the future I may do what you did!

  7. Josselyn Radillo says:

    i love the bells sleeves of your blouse. and you look so beautiful! I don’t think i can pull it off like you do. The hat is so girly.

  8. Ellie Plummer says:

    Having grown up in Norfolk, I have been around a lot of Tweed so this holds a special place in my heart. You look really lovely in this outfit.

  9. This skirt suit is AH-MAZ-ING! And I’m loving that camel coat, too! Tweed is such a classic, I need more of it! You’ve inspired me!

  10. Cia Black says:

    This look is so classic. It would never go out of style. I love how much detail is in the pieces when you have your close up shot .

  11. I love the details in this outfit! The buttons down the front are just adorable. The hat pulls it all together. Just a doll!

  12. Karla says:

    I love the black shirt you wore the jacket with, too. I have never thought of tweed – mostly because of baby spit up. haha Maybe in a few years I can look into it.

  13. Nicole Flint says:

    Tweed will always be in style! Such a classic print and style! I love all of your looks.

  14. Amy Dong says:

    Tweed is ever classic! I love how you paired it with all those hats and patterns. Just so pretty!

  15. Sneha says:

    You are looking like a stunning doll with that hat and jacket. Perfect shooting location.

  16. Paola says:

    Love your tweed outfit and your hat. I appreciate also the choice of colours and style….tweed can be tricky to wear for a young woman: blue and the short skirt definitely suit you making this piece absolutely stunning!

  17. You look so elegant and this tweet suit looks so great on you! I have never worn tweed before. Such a Chanel vibe!

  18. Evelina says:

    I absolutely love your outfit! Such a modern twist on a classic fabric. Looks so modern yet elegant and chic!

  19. Preet says:

    You look absolutely stunning, I love the tweed suit. The way you have styled is so modern yet classic, love how the hat fits in the whole look. Tweed is one of my favorite material and makes a great style statement.

  20. Ariel says:

    This is definitely a really cute outfit! I love it, it looks really good on you. I love all of the spots you went and took pictures. I have definitely never heard of the term tweed before but it looks really neat! I may have to find something with tweed and try it.

  21. You look great in this outfit … I don’t own any tweed but it is such a classic and yet modern and chic.


  22. Thena says:

    Very cool tweed outfit and jacket. Looks great on you as well and very stylish!!

  23. Nati says:

    Tweed is not really my style, but it looks definitely lovely on you!

  24. Niki says:

    These photos are gorgeous! You are killing it!

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