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Hola, babeeeezzzz! Ok! It has been four weeks since my last blog and I swear I've been praying for it not to rain so I can go out and shoot. And don't even try to tell me to bring an umbrella, there's only so many shots I can take with an umbrella in hand, and most importantly the camera getting wet is a big no no! But like Brandon Lee said, "It can't rain all the time" so the moment it stopped raining I put my hair in a bun, put on some sunglasses and went shooting! Ain't nobody taking extra time putting on makeup when the weather app shows "no rain" for only an hour!

Spring is just around the corner and I could not be happier about it, fall and spring are my most favourite seasons when it comes to style. For my transitional outfit I wanted to showcase this powerful red suit from Massimo Dutti, which you can also buy separately, the pants and jacket are both gorgeous pieces. I love it together for that CEO Babe look, but I especially love wearing it separately. The jacket adds a pop of colour to any outfit and the pants fit so well that they look great whether you combine with flats for a weekend look or power it up with a pair of killer pumps. However, I decided to make this suit look powerfully feminine, so I paired it up with my new kitten heel slingbacks from Zara. Unfortunately they've sold out in all all sizes, but seeing as polka dots are so in this year you can find similar shoes here and here. I am so happy polka dots are in this season, they are far from a trend, more so making a comeback and everyone should have at least one polkadot piece in their closet. My favourite polka dot piece is the hand-me-down Prada Dress that my friend gave to me!

Other great news I wanted to share is that Daniel and I decided to buy a one way ticket to Bali, and right after that we are going to Europe for 6 weeks. We both chose one thing we don't love about our city, Vancouver, and came up with gloomy weather and the fact that it is a quiet city, for us, anyway. With that being said, we will be getting the sun from Indonesia and surrounding countries, come back to Vancouver for a couple weeks to attend our good friends' wedding and then head to Europe where we are thinking to temporarily settle in Portugal, but that part is still being decided. All that matters is that the tickets are booked. We absolutely love Vancouver and will always have a home here, but no city is perfect, we can't change the weather or vibe of the city, so why not move somewhere that can give us that. I'm so excited about all of this, finding someone that is as easygoing as I am when it comes to packing your bags and move elsewhere is so liberating. And I ain't one to live off a backpack or about that low maintenance life, lol, we will live our lives as close to the way we do here, except with more sunshine and liveliness. I also had an aha moment recently about what I am passionate about in life and figured out my career path, but I will leave that conversation piece for my next blog post, one good news at a time. Mwuuah!

What are some of your favourite transitional pieces?



  1. Aaron says:

    Temporarily settling in Portugal? That sounds exciting! And hopefully you’ll get a lot of sun in Europe too! And that blazer? On point

  2. Cia Black says:

    I love the red suit first of all , but also loved that you paired it with polka dot slingback heels mixed with a plaid purse. This is a statement assemble, and you are sure to be noticed wearing it.

  3. I’m with you on the whole weather thing Fabiola. I swear I’m like a plant, I need sun to photosynthesize and too many raining days just make me depro. Loving that red suit BTW, it’s so classy and confident.

  4. Joanna says:

    I love the boldness this outfit inspires thought it’s color! It’s definitely a perfect look for a business meeting as it makes you look so confident! Congratulations on buying the ticket to Bali, it sounds like a great adventure awaits you! πŸ™‚

  5. Stevie says:

    Red!! I would have never really thought of it but you are ROCKING it!!! Looks so great!

  6. Bea says:

    Oh wow! Never thought of buying that type of suit – literally just got myself a burgundy working pair of pants and feels like it’s a huge step ^^ But you look absolutely incredible in it!

  7. Ithfifi says:

    CEO-BABE-LOOKis nailed! You look amazing, I am loving this power outfit. I bet you must feel so confident in it! And the polka dot shoes are just the cutest, such a great pairing with the suit. Well done on booking your tickets, it sounds like you will be having an amazing time, I love that you’ve both picked something you wanted to do and are going for it πŸ™‚

  8. Portugal? Sounds like a nice place to temporarily settle. This suit is very businesslike. I love that your paired them with the polka-dots. It adds a touch of whimsy.

  9. What a striking suit. Red can be hard to wear too, but you deffo pull the look off for sure. Looking good!! x

  10. shadlyn says:

    Is it me or I am in love with your red suit! It makes you pop out a lot and compliments you very well. Keep stunning on everyone! Xo

  11. Samantha says:

    That suit looks great on you! Congrats on going to Bali & Europe! That sounds really awesome.

  12. That has to be the chic-est suit ever. Love the color, cut and style. You look phenomenal in it.


  13. Shubhada Bhide says:

    Oh!! You look gorgeous in your red suits and love your polka shoes. I really love all about in your look. So classy ag elegant.

  14. Preet says:

    You look absolutely stunning, love the red suit, so classic and you are rocking it. Bali and Europe sound so amazing, will look forward to your posts and experience.

  15. Wow, what an incredibly powerful and striking outfit. I love it. You walk down the street in that and you know every eye has seen you!

  16. Jagriti Roy says:

    I just loved your fashion sense and you are looking amazingly stylish in all of your pictures. Those polka dotted pairs are looking so cute and the red suit is adding some extra glamour quotient to your look..

  17. I absolutely LOVE red suits. It IS Powerful and you wear it well! It commands attention and the sleek lines are both elegant and strong.

  18. Definitely powerful. I love what such a bold and powerful color does to a pant suit on a woman. Stunning. I was just reading a book over the holidays about a woman who wore a powerful red trench coat to meet a client and the impression it left on them – this reminded me of that.

  19. Shell says:

    I absolutely love your gorgeous outfit! It’s absolutely stunning on you! And those shoes are just so adorable and fun!

  20. Hello, I love this style and your suit. Your pictures are so elegant. Very beautiful. Now I need a red suit. Thank you!

  21. Elizabeth O says:

    What a great suit. You look as though you could take on the world! I love its pairing with the cute polka dot heels. So classy!

  22. Esme Sy says:

    Strikingly fabulous, the name matches well. Red always goes well with a shade of black for handies in my opinion.

  23. I love how professional and elegant this red outfit looks! One can feel perfectly confident in such clothes.
    Have a nice time in Bali and Europe!

  24. Nati says:

    The outfit is super chic!!! I love the accessories too, the bag and the shoes are to die for. You were lucky to have a bit of dry weather. I’m so fed up with rain!

  25. Becca Talbot says:

    How bloody gorgeous do you look in this red suit?! So professional and elegant, definitely a business woman who means business hehe πŸ˜‰ x

  26. Susan Powelson says:

    Love the red suit and agree my wardrobe totally needs one. Too bad this one from Massimo Dutti is the wrong cut of pant for me…. But now that I know this store exists I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

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