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One of my favourite everyday styles is the all American Classic girl. Think polos and cigarette cut pants, loafers or sophisticated heels (the trend-setters will call them "old lady" shoes), gold buttons and Ray Ban sunglasses, denim on denim with chucks, a white T and a navy blazer. A caramel brown or cognac coloured bag would be the cherry on top of this outfit! So, needless to say this is my favorite daytime style. Really, anything that isn't Gucci princetown mules, distressed boyfriend jeans and an over-sized sweater, will do!

I called this look 'American Classic on Steroids' because I amped it up with the handbag and the sunglasses. I wore funky sunglasses and a louder handbag, but the shape pulls it all together and the overall look works. To be honest I wore this outfit to walk to the coffee shop and work on my blog. I asked Daniel to snap a photo of me, and next thing you know he snapped a few, and BAM! We have a blog post! I love anything gold buttons! Extra points when it's gold buttons on navy, so when I saw these pants at Zara, I bought them without even trying on! They are from last spring and I wear them ever so much. You can find similar ones here and here . I know you're all thinking about the gorgeous pastel colour of this coat, it is, however, old. It's from Fairweather, you can find a similar version here and here.

One of my favourite parts about this outfit are the 1960's vibe of these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes which I purchased from The Real Real. I tried really hard to find some similar styles for you but there's nothing quite like 'em. Literally. HAHA. I constantly receive compliments on these shoes and I wish they didn't just make them for one season. I love pastel colours, especially for spring. The bag is from Zara and it's from last season, for an outfit with similar colours, any white or pastel blue bag would do, also this one would go great. Sans the tassels, I'd cut those! My yellow cable-knit Ralph Lauren sweater has been a closet staple for about 6 years or longer, it is still in great condition and I purchased it at Winners (a store similar to TJ MAXX in the U.S. or TK MAXX in Europe), which seems to have a version of it almost all the time, especially around the holidays. You can get similar ones directly from Ralph Lauren.

If you aren't familiar with the 'Classic American Woman' look, think about what royals would wear. Think nautical with a little bit of equestrian (a little bit), and Kate Middleton's daytime look. Lots of white, lots of stripes, and lots of navy. Riding boots and blazers. Neutral and earthy tones. In other words, the Ralph Lauren woman. Here are a few examples if you're still unclear.

Look 1
Look 2
Look 3
Look 4

What about you? What is your typical daytime look?

Note, the different lighting/location and times of day we shot this look makes the jacket look slightly different colours (had to use flash in some due to it getting darker outside). Although the same editing was applied to all photos, the jacket is exactly the colour of the second photo.



  1. Ithfifi says:

    That is such a classic and timeless look, not to ention how flatting and smart it looks. I think this outfit looks great on you! I’d love to dress more like this, I really don’t think about my clothes at all and I should.. I LOVE the coat!

  2. What a good looking outfit. The blue coat really works well with that bag – I love it x

  3. Cindy says:

    I love that classic look! The coat and purse are amazing and I love the color!

  4. I agree. Classic and amazing! I love that coat it’s so chic.

  5. Preet says:

    You look absolutely stunning. Your outfits and style are so amazing, totally adore it. The coat, the shoes, the bag, your hairdo and makeup, everything is perfect, nice shots.

  6. Nadia says:

    Love this look, especially the blue coat. It is really simple outfit, but the pieces you have chosen makes the outfit look really classy and dressy.

  7. Shubhada Bhide says:

    You really nailed your outfit. I like your coat and your shoes. You look so stylish and fashionable.

  8. Ana Ojha says:

    I absolutely loved your outfit! You look classy and fabulous and killing it girl!

  9. kumamonjeng says:

    Pictures are stunning, Jackets look posh and shoes look classy … everything is perfect. I cant pick on anything, love the hairdo so much as it matches so well with the whole outfit.

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