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You know what I am very happy about, the fact that polka dots are getting all the attention this upcoming season. Polka dots are so feminine, adorable and have a certain vintage feel. There's three prints I absolutely love, polka dots, stripes and hounds-tooth. Needless to say, I am happy that they're getting some buzz this season and guess what, they are here to stay so fear not on buying yourselves a couple of dotty pieces.

Usually, Daniel and I plan our photo shoots in advance, it's a whole process, we think of what it will be about (clothing wise), location, pencil it in our calendar and, weather permitted, follow through with it. The weather in Vancouver isn't the best for blogging, so 'weather permitted' being the key to our shoots. One thing I especially love about my partner in crime is that he never loses his patience with taking photos (I am the one that cuts it short, lol) and is always thoughtful with background and scenery. There is always thought put into it. However, our last couple of shoots have been completely unplanned, it's been us doing things around our city, and whatever it is I'm wearing we shoot it. For this shoot it was a sunny, but very cold, Vancouver Sunday. I really wanted to wear my new polka-dot jumpsuit so I layered as many tops as I could fit under it and managed to not freeze. By the way, the Valentino Rockstud heels are THE most comfortable high heels I have ever owned. I wear them ever so often and not a scar, cut, bruise or pain from them. We walked for about 5 hours around the city during this shoot and it felt like -10 with the wind, but hey, the sun was shining so who am I to not be looking on the bright side (wink). I usually dislike wearing a loose coat without a belt or anything to give it some shape, but I forgot the belt at home and it worked just fine with this outfit. The beret did a great job at keeping me warm and I absolutely love how much pizzazz it ads to an outfit.

How do you feel about polka dots? Are you as excited as I am? Or even better, what is your favourite print when it comes to clothes?

Polka-dot Jumpsuit - Sold out. Similar here and here.
Camel Coat - Similar here, here, and a great price one here
Shoes - Valentino, similar here
Handbag - Isla Fontaine
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  1. Elizabeth O says:

    I adore this whole outfit you have put together. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous and the polka dots are a win for me. I love anything spotty. You are totally rocking it!

  2. Jillian says:

    Cute poses, and love the shoes. I am not a polka dot fan, but it looks like it works nicely for you.

  3. Nati says:

    I love polka dots and your outfit is beyond chic! But I can’t stop thinking how can you wear those shoes when it’s -10 and not be freezing! I never take my boots off during winter! LOL

  4. Tiffany Yong says:

    Polka dots is somehow very retro yet timeless (depending on the size of the dots). I have a dress that is pink with white polka, my go-to when I need something retro looking!

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