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Hi babes with style! So I bought and shot this outfit in January, I recall it was so cold when I shot it. Sunny day but freezing cold! With our move to Bali and other bigger things on our plate, I completely forgot to even blog about it. But here I am, and can’t wait to give you all the details.

First things first, although polka dots are reigning the trend this season, flowers are always a must for Spring! This flower dress from Kate Spade is so flirty and can easily look extra polished with the right blazer (hang tight, I will be talking about that very soon).

I bought the dress to wear to High Tea and it sure delivered. It was so flattering and appropriate. The jacket was a score! It was more than a score. I won’t even tell you the price of it because I will wait until the end to keep the suspense going.

Such a classic piece, that you can wear it with denim, dress, slacks, anything! I bought it from my favourite Resale Store in Vancouver, called Mine & Yours, and it was on sale for 70%! Here is what is costs from other resale websites just so you have an idea of how much I scored ... keep reading. And here is a similar one to complete your look.

Back to florals! Floral pieces are so feminine and the epitome of spring/summer season. They are a breath of fresh air, as long as you don’t overdo it with too many colours and keep the rest of your outfit neutral and crisp, you’ll be good to go!

This bag is from my mom’s closet. Well, I actually purchased it for myself but didn’t love at first so I gave to her, and now here I am borrowing it. HAHA! I actually can not recall where I bought it from, but seeing as wicker and rattan are so in this season, I’ve linked a few similar bags here, here and here.

These are my fave shoes to bring out every time the weather gets warm. They always get compliments, and although I must admit, they aren't the most comfortable shoes to walk on, they are sure to be a hit and you'll get endless compliments on them! Here's a version that looks just as chic but is much more comfortable Now, are you ready to find out how much I paid for this beauty? Reeeeeeaddddy? Drom roll, please …

A whopping $79 Canadian! Yep! 70-FREAKING-9! Believe it! Don't say i never do anything for you :)! If you're in the Vancouver area make sure to check out Mine & Yours for all your luxury resale needs


  1. Dana says:

    This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look.

  2. Nati says:

    You look absolutely ravishing! (although I can’t imagine how you stood there in January with sandals! I know I’d be freezing!) The dress is absolutely amazing and you styled it to perfection with the white blazer 🙂

  3. Elizabeth O says:

    I am loving the florals for summer at the moment. You styled this lovely dress with such elegance, the white blazer sets it off really lovely. Great job.

  4. You look great! I like your swagged out glasses

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