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Well, I mustn't say "A few stylish pieces YOU should get" more like a few pieces I would like to have, you can LOL now. I am loving that forest green is having a moment right now. It is a stunning colour and I absolutely love the vintage look it has without it even trying to be. Wait, didn't I write something similar about mustard yellow? I guess it's the season of the vintage colours! What's next? Chartreuse and burnt orange?

As mentioned a few times on my previous posts, when I cleaned out my closet a couple months ago, I realized how much dark and neutral colours I had, and how many navy and white pieces I own. Thus I decided anything new I buy, must be colour (unless I reaaaaaallly love it).

Here's what my wardrobe is currently craving ...
green bag
A vintage croc handbag. Personally I've been looking everywhere for a vintage one or a faux croc (if brand new) bag. Been hitting up all the vintage stores in the city as well as online. Looks so luxurious and sophisticated. This one is from Aspinal of London. And if you're looking for a more affordable version here's one from Marge Sherwood!

Faux fur! AHHHHH, makes me so happy that faux fur is getting the attention it deserves and people are pulling away from actual fur! SO, SO happy! There's so many options out there that I could hardly pick just one.

This white faux mink coat from Fabulous Furs is splendid. You'll just have to worry about someone throwing something at it, assuming it is real fur! That is how real it looks and feels. Imagine wearing this to a party with a soft, long silk gown *drool*

These stunning shoes are perfect for the holidays and for the best price ever! Ahem! Under $55 cad!!! They come in many different colours and you can dress up your favourite jeans, your favourite LBD or add extra glamour to any outfit! If the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps are out of question, this is the most affordable version that you will find!
A tailored velvet blazer. Guys! This is a must! I have had mine for years and love it, but if you don't have one, then may I suggest that you make room in your closet for either a burgundy, navy or olive green crushed velvet blazer. Velvet looks so rich and sophisticated. You can wear with loafers and jeans, and BAM! You look dressed up! My velvet blazer is from Massimo Dutti, and so is this one.

What are some current must haves for your wardrobe this winter?

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