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Mustard yellow. A colour after my own heart. It's been in for some time now and I absolutely love it. It reminds me of the 1960's and a lot of twiggy-like shift dresses. I love that it has a certain vintage look to it, or is that just me?

I was the stylist for one of the Hugo Boss events a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I walked in, I had my eye on this dress so I asked the sales lady to put it aside for me, seeing as they only had one in my size. I was there working with clients but that doesn't mean a girl can't shop a little bit for herself, right? As soon as the clients left I went and tried the dress and to say that I was immediately in love is an understatement, it reminds me a little bit of the dress that Amal Clooney wore to the royal wedding, and in fact I was told many times that I remind people of her look in this dress. So needless to say I bought it, because I love Amal's style and I loved the colour and fit

This is not the kind of dress you can dress down, well really you can do anything you want, but in my opinion, it is not. You can wear to the office with some beautiful shoes, a blazer on top and a belt cinching the blazer and dress together, or out to a cocktail party. I wore it with my chunky heel jewelled shoes and the jewels dressed it up even more. To be perfectly honest this was not a "picture day" for me (I have those days sometimes), my hair wasn't behaving, it was very cold out and I really wanted to shoot it with two different coats and different shoes but honestly, the cold got to me.

I paired the dress up with my red coat I bought in Estonia a couple of years ago but here's a very similar one for a fraction of the price and with great reviews, and my Isla Fontaine bag. I usually like wearing a belt as I believe it makes an outfit look more tailored, so I added my vintage Dior belt to the ensemble but any thin to medium waist belt would look good with it.

This outfit would also look great with a white faux fur coat and sleek white or cream coloured tall boots. Speaking of cream or white tall boots (just below the knee), I have been looking everywhere and cannot find any that are chic and don't look like I'm hitting up all the clubs. If you come across any, please shoot me a message.

How do you feel about this colour?

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