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Happy New Year to all you beauties that are ever so loyal and read my blog posts.

This year I wanted my first post to be about the art of tidying up, tidying up your closet, work space, living space, old bills you've already paid and generally, life, but seeing as I'm a stylist, tidying up closets is what I'm going to talk about today. Even though I love Marie Kondo, although I have yet to watch her show, I have read her book, The Life Changing Manga Of Tidying Up, twice, and often bring it up when I do wardrobe reorganization for my clients!

Come January 1st many of us tend to focus on either losing a few pounds, eating healthier or saving money, while all great, we also tend to forget about the small things we can do to feel better, have an easier time getting ready in the morning, AND, enjoy our overall living space.

As someone that has yet to ever make NY resolutions, I prefer to focus on small changes each and every day, I thought that tidying up our closets is one of those great but understated changes, until you actually get to see how neat, tidy, bigger the place looks. And most importantly, how it reduces your stress and anxiety!

Most people probably have a couple items in their closets from many years ago, maybe a college shirt that says "go hawks" or whatever the football team in your junior high was (yep, I have seen clothes in closets from Junior High days)!

So if I can give any tips this fine day in January, is to clean out your closet. Declutter it, organize it, make it simple to go through it. I know how great it feels to have a tidy space, a closet is no exclusion of that.

*All images sourced from Pinterest
OK, I love Carrie Bradshaw but this closet of hers was hella cluttered!

Here's some tips when de-cluttering your closet.

- Use garment bags to store your seasonal stuff. For example, I hang all my summer clothes inside garment bags and put them either in my storage or somewhere in the back of the closet. That way they are outta the way and taken care of.

- Have two closet cleanups each year, one right before Spring and one in the Fall. That way it prevents more clothes from accumulating. Any clothes you have not worn for a long time but felt sentimental about on your last cleanup, place those in a specific area of the closet so you can go through it again in your next cleanup. If you have not worn them, sorry, boo, it is time to part ways.

- Get rid of anything with holes, stains you've not been able to get rid of, and anything looking ratty. If you've not worn something in the last two years, time to part ways with it. Evening dresses do not count. Neither does it count if you've been living in hot countries for the last couple years but plan to return home after.

- Colour organizing is good, but what is even better is "occasion organizing," Hang all your work dresses beside one another following a colour code (light to dark), all sweaters beside one another, all skirts together, etc.. I often see people organize based on colour only and thought about how much more difficult they made things for themselves. Just because the colour matches it does not mean you should have a sweater, dress and skirt all in one place.

- Have a shoe cleaning day. Use a damp cloth to clean the insides and then the outsides of it. Use a toothbrush for suede and a bit of nail polish remover and cotton swab to get the scuff marks off of patent shoes.

- If you happen to have a home office, ever thought about turning a portion of your home office into your closet? Choose your most favourite accessories and clothes you like showing off and buy a nice trendy rack to hang some of your best pieces. This way you make room in your closet wile showcasing "the best of".

- Hang your rod higher. I have a little stepper in my closet because my rod is quite high, but that also means I have room below it to store stuff.

I love the space between the hangers and the shoes in this closet. Makes it easy to put stuff back on the hanger, especially when coming home from a night out (I know the struggle, ladies)!

- YOUR HANGERS SHOULD MATCH! I had to capitalize that, Imagine having one hundred hangers and they're all different sizes/colours/material. It would be an automatic eyesore. It's like wearing a leopard print top with a zebra skirt, cheetah boots and polka dot coat! Ay, ay, ay!!

- Hang rails on the inside of your closet door to store high heels, they are perfect for heels!

- Hang your sweaters and purses on hooks rather than folding the bulky sweaters, hanging them actually saves you space.

- Style your closet space. Hanging a mirror, a piece of art, something that makes it feel stylish and appealing makes for a less overwhelming and nicer time in your closet.

If you will have an open 'on display' clothing rack, make sure you keep it minimalist so to not clutter the living space much.

Got some more closet organization ideas? Feel free to comment!

With love & kisses,


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