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Be FABulous, darling.


That’s my slang for Hello! And it’s in capital letters because if you heard me say it, it sounds as if I am shouting. My name is Fabiola and I’m in love with travelling, in lust with fashion and passionately in adorance with food and cocktails. I also like inventing new words, such as “adorance!” Way too many times I have been told that I need to open a blog and share my experience on dressing up, dressing down (while still looking chic), places to travel, fantastic vegetarian eats, fabulous cocktails and everyday life. Although I see all of this more as a ‘experience and learn’ rather than an expert in the matter, type of situation. Anything I write, share, suggest on here is solemnly my thoughts and from my experiences. It isn’t the bee’s knees, the Jim Dandy or that cat’s meow. It’s just me doing me, sharing my life and love for things with you all. I want to share my likes and thoughts not because I am better than any of you, but because I am a chatty person and I love sharing. Except for fries and dijon, that, I do not share! Capice? Now that we got that out of the way …
Mofo is my spoken language. Yes! Believe it. And you will read, hear and learn plenty of “mofo terms” from this blog. I also believe that you can look like a Da Vinci masterpiece and still have a lot of sass and character. Because there is nothing sexier than a woman dressed up head to toe that can still crack a foul joke! There’s a time and place to be articulate, poised and graceful, my blog will have plenty of that, with a side of “mofo.” I’m a fries with dijon mustard addict! I live mostly off plants and carbs. Good grammar goes a long way. I am 70% bonafide city girl and 30% tree hugger. Hiking is my thing! I love, love, love consignment and vintage shops. Most of my closet finds are pre-loved goodies. Speaking of clothes and style …
My style – well, I get it from my mama! Although we could not be any more different (and trust me, there will be plenty of blogging on her) at the end of the day, my mother is 61 years old and she puts an effort every single day! I don’t approve of blue eyeliner AND blue mascara, but I can appreciate any lady that takes chances. I knew I was going to get into a lifetime affair with fashion when once, I was about 12 years old and living in Albania, I asked my neighbour to go get me a chocolate bar. I had just woken up, wasn’t feeling too well, and I refused to have anyone see me looking that way. And this isn’t about looking bad, I mean, looking frumpy, looking as if I did not care, looking as if I did not respect myself enough to even brush my hair. So there I am hiding behind a wooden post while giving my neighbour money for the chocolate bar. To me being stylish isn’t a chore. I feel better when I’m well put together, frankly, if no one else lived in this world, I would still dress up for myself. It makes me feel good. I don’t like the word "fashion" sometimes it's just fitting but it also sounds very trendy, and I do not like trendy. I believe in style, because while you can have enough money to fill the back of your Beamer with all the Prada and Lanvin you can afford, you can't buy style. Style is something you own. You don’t need to be rich to be stylish. It is something that money can’t buy. I like my style to be a representation of timeless classics with a hint of bombshell. Think Jackie O with the va va voom of Sophia Loren!
Photo: Andrea Langille Rudland
Travel - Let’s just say that if I don’t go somewhere every 2-3 months, I start getting the hibbi jibbies! Like, I will pour myself a scotch or glass of prosecco and start booking trips. Just like that. Out of the blue. Next thing you know, I am boarding a plane to someplace I just discovered or someplace I heard of on Anthony Bourdain!
Photo: Andrea Langille Rudland
Food - Here is the thing, no one taught me how to cook and I am not a fan of measuring or reading cook books. Cook books with photos on the other hand. Superb! I’m what you call a “fridge and cupboards” type o’ cook! You know, I open my fridge and my cupboards and I see what spices and fresh goodies I have, and voila! I use my imagination and create a meal.
Vegetarianism – I am vegetarian and prior to that I was vegan, for a few years. You are however wondering, “B-b-b-but you wear leather?!” Yes, I do wear leather, almost all my leather goods are from second hand shops, this might seem strange to you, but I feel at ease with my decision to wear pre-loved-leather goodies. With that being said, I don’t have a thing for leather, but if I happen to find a pair of shoes in a thrift shop and they are leather, I feel ok about buying them. And no I would never wear fur, used or not! I think doing the best you can and being happy about the choices you make is all that matters. There will always be people that will find things to pick at. You could be the best vegan out there (what does that even mean, anyway?), driving an all vegan interior, environmentally friendly car, let's say it's a Tesla, and there will be people that will find something wrong with that and comment on how you are wasteful because you could have used that money to fight world hunger rather than buying an expensive car. But where does that end? Where and how can you be this perfect human without compromising things that YOU like? I’ve found my happy medium and what makes me feel good, I’m not in this world to convince others of what makes me a decent person, I’m in this world to live peacefully with other beings, and this decision feels right to me. Do the best that you can while living a life you enjoy. People will always find something to talk about.
Cocktails - Ya gotta know that when I go places, the first thing I do isn’t look up what museums or churches to visit (they all start to look the same after a while) it’s what the greatest, classic, quaint, visit worthy cocktail bars, are. That’s not to say that I do not enjoy art, I DO! I love art and churches, but no great conversation ever started at a church! Unless you’re Mary Magdalene! And there is no better way to mesh in with the culture of the place you’re visiting than to hit up cafes, restaurants and local bars, where locals go. I have 0 interest in going to a place that became popular based on Trip Advisor reviews. I am interested in going places and asking the bartender where locals my age hang out. Hanging out where the locals go is the best way to get to know a new culture. I am un-apologetically high maintenance and I make no excuses about it. I maintain myself, so I can be as high maintenance as I want to. An important thing to also know is that the more hoity-toity a restaurant is, fancy or unusual the ingredients for a dish or cocktail are, the more I want it! The 20 some year old me would have been just fine with a good ol’ plain gin & tonic or vodka soda. Heck, I was good with jägermeister and diet coke! Yikes! But humans evolve, so gimme a violet elixir-spiced cognac-laphroaig cocktail, and we’re good to go! With only one ice cube, obviously! Don't be watering down my drink!
And that, my friends, is a heck of a lot more than you needed to read about me. I promise that most of my blogs are going to be more pictures and less reading. Because if I know how to do one thing right, is stand in front of the camera ;)

I can’t wait to ignite my world with yours


Fab to the Z!